What is a Transportation User Fee (TUF)?

The Transportation User Fee (TUF) is a fee assessed to residents and businesses, based on the traffic levels generated by each dwelling unit or business.  TUF’s use a trip generation factor to classify customers into a rate category.   Residential and low volume businesses generally receive a fixed flat rate category while other businesses and commercial operations receive a category based on their trip generation rate. Considering that a single-family residence normally only has one or two cars while a large box store parking lot attracts 100’s of cars per hour, a fee based on use produces a more equitable method of paying for the system.  Since the box stores receives a greater benefit from the transportation system and causes more demand and wear and tear on the transportation system, they should pay a higher amount for improvement and maintenance.

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1. What is a Transportation User Fee (TUF)?
2. Why does Borger need a TUF?
3. What will the money be used for?
4. When will the TUF be implemented?
5. How long will the TUF be in place?
6. How do you classify my business?
7. What are the current rates for the TUF?
8. How will I know when my street will be repaired?
9. What did the Council do to offset the cost of the new fee?