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Posted on: December 14, 2018

Borger Fire Department Partners with Local Industries to Increase Fire Mitigation

Hazard Mitigation

BORGER, Texas – The City of Borger is renowned for its effective efforts towards wildfire mitigation. The Texas Panhandle averages 90 wildfires a year, and they pose the greatest threat of disaster to the region. The City of Borger is proud to be a facilitator of preparedness, and our fervent stance on wildfire mitigation has merited one national and two state awards. However, the ultimate reward is citizen support and knowing our efforts protect lives and property.

The City frequently partners with nearby landowners and industry to reduce hazardous fuels (tall grass, weeds, shrubs etc.) and these partnerships are integral contributions to mitigation efforts. While prescribed fires are the most visible method of mitigation, other utilized methods include mowing and chemically treating areas that contain hazardous fuels.

The most recent partnership has been with Nutrien (formally Agrium). Nutrien is a critical infrastructure facility that is completely surrounded by the city limits. The City applauds Nutrien for reaching out to request city assistance towards efficient wildfire mitigation. This assistance consisted of an initial wildfire assessment and a subsequent request for aid in the reduction of hazardous fuels near the complex. Ultimately, several weeks of planning and preparation went into a series of prescribed burns that were conducted by the City’s State Certified Burn Managers. All of the City’s expenses pertaining to this project were covered by Nutrien.

Wildfire mitigation is a proven and vital means of protecting the City. These mitigation projects provide: crucial preparation, a layer of defense, opportunities for new firefighters to gain valuable insight into fire behavior, and enhanced working relationships with collaborating departments in the area. 

Wildfires are an exceedingly perilous force of nature, and as such necessitate extensive preemptive action. The looming threat of a disaster that has the potential to devastate an entire region is not to be taken lightly. Taking appropriate action towards preparation (knowing risks, removing hazardous fuels, having an evacuation plan) makes a difference. Thanks to Nutrien’s partnership, their quintessential preparation will allow area firefighters to adequately focus their efforts on other areas of the community in the fateful event of a large wildfire.

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