Mural Opportunities

Make Borger Beautiful, The Borger Economic Development Cooperation (Borger Inc.)and the City of Borger want to put a temporary mural on this boarded-up wall at 417 N. Main St in Borger.  We invite local artists to submit proposals for a mural design to City Hall room 102 at the Make Borger Beautiful desk by 4 pm on Friday, March 19th, 2021. Submissions must have contact information and be submitted on a poster, or any other media at least 11x17 in size. All materials will be paid for and artists will be compensated for their time.  More details can be found below. 

417 N Main
  • Put your proposed design on a poster (or other media) at least 11” by 17” in size.
  • Submit your design at City Hall's Make Borger Beautiful desk by 4 pm Friday, March 19th. City Hall is open 8 to 5, Monday through Friday, at 600 N. Main  Be sure to include your contact information with your submittal.
  • If your design is selected, we’ll buy your paint, help you prep the surface and pay you a commission.  The commission will be negotiated based on how many hours you think it will take complete it. 
  • You pick the theme.  Anything beautiful and tasteful will be considered.  If it fits the location, so much the better.
  • This mural will have a relatively short life.
  • The EDC recently purchased this dilapidated building. It will be refurbished as soon as EDC completes projects currently in progress – hopefully sometime this summer.  
  • We want to do this temporary mural on the existing plywood to immediately improve the appearance of downtown Borger.  We can’t just remove the plywood, because the windows are broken
  • The mural will only last until refurbishment begins.  You can have the plywood panels when they’re taken down if you want.  Of course, you’ll have photos and newspaper clippings for your portfolio. 
  • The boarded-up space is approximately 21 ft long by 8.5 ft high. Your mural does not have to fill the entire space. 
  • If you have questions, contact or 806-395-1121