Transportation User Fee (TUF)


The Borger City Council held a strategic vision session in 2018 which lead to the development of a new Mission and Vision for the City of Borger along with several Strategic Pillars to guide the City of Borger’s development.  Based on community feedback, street improvements received high priority in the Council’s discussions.

The City of Borger has been able to budget $150,000 to $300,000 per year for roadway maintenance with an entire Street & Alley Maintenance budget ranging between $750,000 to $1,200,000 per year depending on the amount authorized for seal coating programs.  The need to maintain a fair, equitable and consistent funding stream became clear and after discussion, Pillar #5 – Infrastructure, included a milestone of creating a Transportation User Fee (TUF) and a possible bond election for street projects to improve street conditions.

Increasing revenue was only one part of the problem. Before the City increased spending on the transportation system, Council wanted data to help support and prioritize which roadways were selected for repairs and what repair method was used. In additional to begging traffic counts for each block in the City, a street assessment on a representative section of roadways was completed to ensure that future decisions could be based on actual condition and cost estimates.  This information further supported the need for a TUF to increase maintenance and improvement of Borger’s transportation infrastructure.

Transportation User Fees (TUFs) are applied to the utility bill of customers located within the City Limits.  TUF’s use a trip generation factor to classify customers into a rate category.   Residential and low volume businesses generally receive a fixed flat rate category while other businesses and commercial operations receive a category based on their trip generation rate. Considering that a single-family residence normally only has one or two cars while a large box store parking lot attracts 100’s of cars per hour, a fee based on use produces a more equitable method of paying for the system.  Since the box stores receives a greater benefit from the transportation system and causes more demand and wear and tear on the transportation system, they should pay a higher amount for improvement and maintenance.

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Trip Generation Categories and Rates

Transportation User Fee

Trip Generation Rate - ITE 9th Edition

Class #CategoryTrip FactorUnitsDescription
1Auto Part/Service/Wash4.461,000 SFQuick Lube, Car Wash, Auto Parts Sales, Auto Repair
2Bank12.131,000 SFWalk-in or Drive-up bank
3Building Materials4.491,000 SFLumber yard, Hardware/Paint Store, Nursery
4Car Sales2.621,000 SFNew and Used Car Sales
5Convenience Market34.571,000 SFConvenience store with and with out pumps and Gasoline/Service Station
6Day Care12.461,000 SFDay cars with less than 50 students
7Fast Food26.151,000 SFFast Food with and without drive through, Donut Place with or without drive through.
8General Office1.491,000 SFSingle Tenant Office, Post Office, Business Park
9General Retail3.711,000 SFShopping Center, Apparel, Arts & Crafts, General Merch.
10Hospital/Nursing Home0.741,000 SFHospitals and Nursing Homes
11Indoor Recreation3.531,000 SFBowling Alley, Movie Theatre, Health/Fitness Club
12Industrial0.731,000 SFGeneral Light and Heavy Industry, Manufacturing, Utilities.
13Large School/Day Car0.2per studentAll schools with more than 50 students
14Lodging0.47per roomHotel, Motel
15Medical Office3.571,000 SFMedical or Dental Office, Clinic, Veterinary Clinic
16Restaurant11.151,000 SFRestaurant, Bar, Pup, Brewery
17Salon1.931,000 SFHair Salon / Barber Shop
18Supermarket/Pharmacy8.401,000 SFSupermarket, grocery store, Drug store
19Superstore4.351,000 SFFree-standing Discount Superstore
20Warehousing0.321,000 SFWarehousing / Storage
21Residential / OtherN/AFlat RateSingle Family, Multi Family, Churches and unoccupied buildings

Rates are then used to determine the monthly fee for the customer.

Monthly Fee

City of Borger, Texas

Transportation User Fee Schedule
Tier # / TypeMonthly Base Trip Lower RateMonthly Base Trip Higher RateMonthly Charge
CommercialFlat RateFlat Rate $               8.00
Tier I09 $            25.00
Tier II915 $            40.00
Tier III1550 $            55.00
Tier IV50150 $            70.00
Tier V150349 $          150.00
Tier VI350
 $          400.00
ResidentialFlat RateFlat Rate $               6.00