Downtown Revitalization Plan

Main street-Kraker Store prominent


In conjunction with "Boomtown 2040," Borger’s new comprehensive plan, the City Council approved the development of a more specific Downtown Revitalization Plan to focus on Borger’s History Downtown Core.  Public comment, engagement activities and survey’s completed during the Comprehensive Plan process clearly identified Downtown Revitalization as a priority objective or the community.  The Downtown Revitalization Plan will further coordinate, engage and provide strategic goals to revitalize Borger’s Downtown.

Draft Existing Downtown Report

The City of Borger has received the draft Existing Downtown Report.  This report identifies the statistics and background of Downtown Borger as it is today to lay the foundation for the creation of the Future Downtown Report.  To see the draft report, click the link below:

Draft Existing Downtown Report

Main Street before the Reno 1
After the Reno 1