Census 2020: Borger Counts

Want to shape our community’s future? 2020 Census cards went out in the mail in March and filling it out means equal and accurate representation for communities like ours. For the 2010 Census Texas only had a 64.4% response rate, and Borger’s was 62%. In order to have resources and representation that match our population, we need to make sure we are counted, and that starts with you. Census Data is used all around you. The Census Bureau collects data year-round for emergency management professionals at the federal, state and local levelsreal estate developers use the census to build new homes and revitalize old neighborhoods; businesses use census data to decide where to build stores, restaurants, offices, and factories; State officials use the results to redraw the boundaries of their congressional and state legislative districts and much more! Check out our FAQs page to find more information and get answers to frequently asked questions, like what questions are asked, is your data safe, and more.

10 questions. 10 minutes. 10 years of your life. Take the 2020 Census now.

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10 años. 10 minutos. 10 años de tu vida.

Toma el Censo de 2020 AQUI. 

10 questions. 10 minutes. 10 years of your life.

If you have not already responded and want to complete the questionnaire online go HERE.

Everyone Counts

How do I complete the 2020 census? 

To complete the 2020 census online go to my2020census.gov, for more information and detailed instructions watch the video below. 

What is the Census?

How will my data be used?

Is my data safe?