Rapid Access System

Borger Fire Department requests that all buildings, commercial and residential, have a rapid entry system for quick access in the event of an emergency. International Fire Code Section states that an approved lock shall be used for this purpose. Borger Fire Department uses the Knox Box system as the rapid entry system approved for any building within our jurisdiction. This link will take you to the KNOX-BOX® Rapid Entry System webpage to view and order a box.

 Follow these instructions on selecting and ordering your new box.

 Step 1: Visit www.knoxbox.com 

 Step 2: Enter "Borger Fire" in the Department search field.

 Step 3: Select the product for purchase, enter the installation address, and proceed with checkout.

A building owner installs a Knox key box on the exterior of the building near the main entrance point. The box is manufactured with a lock which can only be opened with a key that is issued solely to Borger Fire Department. Fire Apparatus in Borger are each equipped with one Knox box key, held in a special security device.

When emergency access is required, the Fire Department can access the building without causing unnecessary damage. After use, the Fire Department can secure the property and return the entrance key to the secure Knox box.

Installation Location

The building owner is responsible for the installation of the Knox key box. It must be securely mounted on the exterior of the building between four to six feet high (chest high is preferred) and at the Fire Department's main direct access point (front door, main gate). Recessed mount Knox key box installations are strongly recommended.