Fire Marshal

The mission of the Borger Fire Marshal’s Office is to safeguard the lives and property of citizens through effective fire prevention, fire investigation, education, and emergency preparedness.

The Fire Marshal’s office continues to review construction plans, conduct fire and safety inspections while investigating fires, maintain fire records, plan and coordinate fire prevention and emergency management operations, and provide training to others in order to continue protecting lives and property in the City of Borger.

The strategy of the Fire Marshal’s Office is organized around the following critical mission areas:

Fire Prevention: The primary concern of this section of the Fire Marshal’s Office is saving of lives and property by preventing fires before they start. Fire prevention is accomplished by identifying and eliminating the hazards that cause and support the spread of fire within the City of Borger. This goal is accomplished through education, inspections, investigations, and code enforcement.

Fire Inspections: Fire Inspectors are responsible for the effective prevention of fires through periodic inspections of commercial and/or public buildings in the City of Borger.

Fire Investigation: Fire Investigators are responsible for the effective investigation of fires and explosions in the City of Borger.

Fire Marshal's Office also assists the Borger Office of Emergency Management (Borger OEM) in prevention, mitigation, response, and recovery to emergencies and disasters through public notifications and coordination with incident commanders during large-scale events.