The Transfer Station provides 30 yd roll-off containers for citizens and contractors. Citizens will be responsible for total amount of waste in roll-off when job is complete. Material in roll-off must be loaded properly. All metal and tires must be loaded into the front of the roll-off so it can be separated. Dirt and/or concrete must be loaded in the center of roll-off and as close to the back as possible to prevent roll-off turning over. Please keep in mind that the container has to be tarped when hauled. It is helpful to have the load level with items completely inside the container. If load cannot be tarped, it will result in an extra non-compliance fee. Roll-offs cannot be set on private property. They must be set in the street in front of the residence unless other arrangements have been made by the home owner. Roll-offs have a 7,000 lb maximum weight limit.

Roll-offs are set at driver's discretion.

To schedule a roll-off, please visit the Transfer Station in person at 920 N. Florida St and/or fill out the form below.

Roll-off Request Form