List of Parks

Borger has 29 parks strategically located throughout the city.  The parks range in size from mini parks and small neighborhood facilities to large community parks and the approximately 60 acres of the Phillips Municipal Golf Course.  

Community Parks (5+ Acres)

  • Huber Park (South Main/South Cedar)
  • Agnes Howe (Huber Ave/FM 1551)
  • Johnson Park Sports Complex (Bulldog Blvd)
  • Huber Ball Park (South Main @ Huber Park)

Neighborhood Parks (1-5 Acres)

  • North Hughes (Coble/Stephens)
  • South Hughes (Valley/Andress)
  • Eastside (East 4th St)
  • Cofield (Brain/11th St)
  • Johnson Park (Bulldog Blvd)
  • South Gateway (Boyd/Cooley)
  • West Gateway (Elmore)
  • North Gateway (Boyd/Cooley)
  • Grace Meredith (1499 North Main @ North Circle)
  • Rock Creek (Canady/Deason)
  • Fritz Thompson (Bryan)
  • Bunavista (Butadieno/Caprock)
  • Keeler (Gardner/McCarthy)
  • Yucca (Evergreen)

Mini Parks (Less than 1 Acre)

  • West Coronado (Finger/Yows)
  • East Coronado (Turner/Yows)
  • South Coronado (Baker/Turner)
  • Country Club (Latimer/Bagwell)
  • Nelson/Johnson (Nelson/Johnson)
  • Keith/Elmore (Keith/Elmore)
  • Keeler Playground (Garrett)
  • Santa Fe (Santa Fe)
  • Crawford (Main St next to City Hall)
  • Wanda Klause Center City Park (500 Blk of Main Street)
  • RV Park (South Main @ Huber Park)
  • Borger Dog Park (Bulldog Blvd)