Safer Communities

This page is designed to provide links and resources to help you be prepared. 

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Mass Notification Registry

This voluntary cell phone registry allows emergency managers to send text notices in the event of a local widespread emergency.  During the signup process, residents have the opportunity to not only get information from local emergency managers but storm warnings direct from the National Weather Service.  Click here or copy the link to register:

Outdoor Warning Sirens
Outdoor warning sirens are tested the 2nd Tuesday of each month at noon, weather permitting.  These outdoor warning sirens are used for providing audible warnings to those who may be outside and vulnerable to various threats.  Sirens may not be heard by residents who are indoors.  Borger OEM may use these sirens for tornados, hazardous materials events, and threatening wildfires.  Siren activation may be supplemented by other notifications sent out to cell phone users, NOAA weather radio, and social media pages.
NOAA Weather Radio
The National Weather Service transmits in Hutchinson County at a frequency of 162.400.  Borger Office of Emergency Management has periodically had programs available in to assist persons and organizations in need of weather radios who may be vulnerable to severe weather.  This typically includes nursing homes, high occupancy facilities, and public buildings.
  1. FireWise
  2. Ready, Set, Go
  3. Storm Ready
  4. Ready.Gov
The City of Borger became the first municipal city to receive national recognition as Firewise in the United States in 2009.  Firewise models focus on how to help protect your home and increase resiliency from wildfires.  The City of Borger works year round reducing fuels and taking action to deter the threat of wildfires.  For tips and information on what you can do, please visit Firewise