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City of Borger Animal Control Codes

Below is the link to the Code of Ordinances for the City of Borger. Animal Control in outlined under Chapter 2 of that code. This code covers various areas including, but not limited to; the authority of animal control, rabies control, bites and quarantine,  general offenses, running-at-large, maximum number of pets, noise violations and animal nuisances. 

Rabies Prevention in Texas 

Information from the Texas Department of State Health Services 

August 8th, 2019 Rabies Case:

Please see the City's press release embedded below from the City's Facebook. Quarantine means that any wild animal or domestic animals that are found at large must be quarantined to ensure they are not infected. If the owner of a domestic animal found at large can produce documentation of rabies vaccination, then a quarantine is not required. The designated quarantine area (in red) is also where officers will be prioritizing traps. Traps are intended for wild animals, this can include feral cats. The areas on the map are intended to ensure citizen's notification of affected area for their knowledge to exercise precautionary measures utilized towards rabies prevention, a public notice will also be included in the affected area's month's utility billing. Local authorities are taking all State mandated measures to ensure notification of citizens in the affected area. For more information on rabies from the Texas Department of Health and Safety please visit