Patrol Division

The Patrol Division consists of 18 sworn officers working 3 shifts. The division is overseen by Lt. David Watson.  Shift sergeants are responsible for the day to day activities of the officers under their supervision. The sergeants and officers rotate shifts and work 7am-3pm, 3pm-11pm and 11pm-7am. The primary function of the patrol division is to deter crime by actively patrolling neighborhoods, business districts and roadways. In addition, the traffic unit focuses on traffic enforcement and reduction in motor vehicle collisions. Most officers begin their careers in the patrol division and undergo a lengthy field training process. This is the foundation for their career, so a good amount of time and effort is put into this process.

  1. lane.ty17

    Sergeant Ty Lane

    Patrol Sergeant
    Phone: (806) 273-0924

  1. coburn.tommy4

    Sergeant Tommy Coburn

    Patrol Sergeant
    Phone: (806) 273-0981

  1. collier.jason6

    Sergeant Jason Collier

    Patrol Sergeant
    Phone: (806) 273-0941