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Texas State law requires all Cities to have a Comprehensive Plan to regulate and direct zoning. The existing comprehensive plan was adopted in 1964.  The City Council budgeted funds in the 2018-2019 Budget to address, update and modernize our comprehensive plan.  This page provides additional information about comprehensive plans and their use.

What are Comprehensive Plans?

  • A document that states a community’s desired vision for the future.
  • A single plan or set of coordinated plans organized by subject.
  • Includes provisions for Land Use, Development, Transportation, Infrastructure, Public Services, and Economic Development

How are Comprehensive Plans Used? 

  • Coordinates and guides the establishment of development regulations.
  • Provides a basis for future zoning decisions.
  • Guides public investment in transportation and other infrastructure improvements to aid in future development.
  • As a policy document that includes implementation plans for use by City Staff.

Why do we need a Comprehensive Plan?

  • Can be used as a marketing tool to attract investment and development to our community.
  • It can help generate community support for investing or reinvestment in infrastructure improvements.
  • The Texas Local Government Code requires zoning regulations to be adopted in accordance with a comprehensive plan.

Community-Based Plan

Our plans are community-based. meaning that it represents the needs and desires of OUR community.  A collaborative process ensures that the needs and vision represent that of the community.  This allows the community to gain understanding, consensus, and support for the plan.  What you could expect to see is:

  • A starting Public Involvement Plan
  • Ongoing General Involvement
    • Multiple opportunities to engage and gather input.
  • Targeted Input
    • Interviews, small group sessions, and/or workshops with neighborhood leaders, Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Merchants Association, institutional and civic groups, special interest groups, students, faith-based community, etc.
  • Interactive Community Events
    • Open house sessions and community-wide workshops to imagine visions for the future, share results of analysis, and promote dialogue among stakeholders.  
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Community Engagement 

Comprehensive Plan Town Hall Video

The events in these videos have already past, we have them here because they still convey the concept of the CPAC and serve as timeline as this process is a long one.