Vision, Mission & Key Pillars

The City Council, along with City Administration, met in August of 2018 and conducted a Strategic Visioning Workshop.  The participants talked in small groups of two or three and then reported back to the larger group.  The groups were reformatted several times.  At the conclusion of the day, the following Mission, Vision and Key Pillars were identified and subsequently adopted by the City Council to guide the direction of City Staff and Departments.


"To use our position as the Panhandle's industrial leader to become the desired destination of the Panhandle."


"To provide high quality and convenient service while creating an environment of equality for community members, businesses and visitors."

Key Pillars

5 key Pillars were identified with specific milestones to mark progress towards achieving the Pillars.  

Pillar #1 - Community Involvement

  1. Continue the work of the Beautification Committee
  2. Budget for a Communications Manager
  3. Launch the new City Website
  4. Hold Neighborhood Meetings throughout the community of City Topics
  5. Make Videos highlighting the work of City Staff
  6. Maintain a strong Social Media presence
  7. Develop an Annual City Report.

Pillar #2 - Entertainment Events

  1. Hold a large signature event
  2. Hold regular downtown events
  3. Petition for the sale of alcohol for restaurants
  4. Construct informational signs
  5. Build community events center (Renovate the Aluminum Dome)
  6. Utilize Community Talent

Pillar #3 - Housing

  1. Create Neighborhood Empowerment Zones
  2. Create a Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone
  3. Form Public/Private partnership for public infrastructure
  4. Relax sub-division regulations
  5. Encourage individual home builders
  6. Formulate relationships with home builders

Pillar #4 - Industry Diversification

  1. Attract Technology Industry
  2. Utilize existing infrastructure
  3. Improve job skill training
  4. Communicate with Industry Leaders about needs
  5. Improve marketing about resource availability

Pillar #5 - Infrastructure

  1. Develop a Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)
  2. Create a Transportation User Fee
  3. Market cooperative Alley Paving Program
  4. Hold bond election for street projects
  5. Upgrade City Hall
  6. Replace deteriorating sewer lines
  7. Replace antiquated lift stations
  8. Acquire water rights
  9. Resolve Water/Watewater needs
  10. Build Convention Center
  11. Build Sport Complex