Public Communications

About Us

One of the main goals of our Public Communications Division is to facilitate transparency within City government and improve community engagement and involvement. As we look to the future we will continue to work on creating a comprehensive communications plan for the City that will facilitate the City's vision and mission. 

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What we do 

The City of Borger Public Communications Division is part of the City Administration Department and the Communications Manager serves as the main resource for managing public communications and community engagement activities 

  • Create the annual report.
  • Serve as a resource in identifying potential public relations issues and collaborate on strategic solutions.
  • Write and distribute press releases; maintain media contacts and manage media relations with news channels.
  • Serve as the media representative of the City with print, broadcast and online media; serve as a spokesperson for the City in media interviews as needed.
  • Manage the City’s website/content management system 
  • Manage all general City social media accounts; coordinate social media plans, create and curate content for publishing and advise City management and Council on social media best practices.
  • Implement and manage marketing and communications plans and strategies for City related information. 
  • Digital and print content creation for all official City communication channels.
  • Coordinate City events and event marketing to assist in implementing City Council's vision
  • Assist all departments with special events planning and coordination, photography, videography and other related media activities.
  • Provide crisis communication support for emergency events, including print, broadcast, and electronic.
  • Provides project and event coordination for the functions of the Borger Youth Advisory Council (BYAC) and the Make Borger Beautiful Committee, acting as the official liaison between City Council and City departments and these boards.