Animal Services

Animal Services consists of 3 full-time employees. After completing on-the-job training, all Animal Control Officers are required to pass a state certification test. The officers rotate between the animal shelter located at 1300 W. 3rd Street and patrol duties. When on patrol, they are actively looking for animals running at large and other animal-related issues. They are responsible for enforcing the city code of ordinances as it pertains to animals. When necessary, they issue citations for violations of the code and appear in court to testify.

City of Borger Animal Control Codes

Below is the link to the Code of Ordinances for the City of Borger. Animal Control is outlined under Chapter 2 of that code. This code covers various areas including, but not limited to; the authority of animal control, rabies control, bites and quarantine,  general offenses, running-at-large, the maximum number of pets, noise violations, and animal nuisances.