Primary Education

Student / Teacher Ratio

School Ratio
Elementary 17.5:1
Secondary 14:1
Borger High School

School Statistics

School Number of Schools
Number of Teachers
Grades Enrolled
Elementary 3 68 Kindergarten - 4th
High School 1 70 9th - 12th
Junior High 1 60 5th - 8th
Private 2 13 Kindergarten - 6th 114

Higher Education

Borger is home to Frank Phillips College, recognized as one of the nation's outstanding community colleges. It offers two years of academic and vocational studies in 50 fields. More than 3,000 students are enrolled annually, with an additional 3,000 students taking one or more of the 300 continuing education programs.

Borger is within a 150-mile radius of 8 additional Universities and Colleges. These additional education opportunities include:

Frank Phillips College