Contact Information


The Borger Police Holding Facility does not accept incoming calls and does not have visitation. Arrested persons will have the option of making an outgoing call upon completion of the booking process and once a bond has been set.

Inquiries about inmates transported to the Hutchinson County Jail should be made with the County Jail at 806-878-2401.

Municipal Court

Questions regarding a citation (traffic ticket) or other Class C Misdemeanor Offenses should be directed to the Municipal Court at 806-273-0975.

County Attorney's Office

  • Phone: 806-273-0134
  • Class B and A Misdemeanor Offenses

Theft by Check (Hot Check) offenses are reported and handled through the Hutchinson County Attorney's Office.

District Attorney's Office

  • Phone: 806-878-4036
  • Felony Offenses

Area Law Enforcement

  • Adult Probation Phone: 806-273-0108
  • Fritch Police Phone: 806-857-3490
  • Hutchinson County Sheriff's Office Phone: 806-273-0115
  • Juvenile Probation Phone: 806-273-0105
  • National Park Service Phone: 806-857-3151
  • Stinnett Police Phone: 806-878-2422
  • Texas Department of Public Safety - Highway Patrol Phone: 806-273-2448